5 Reasons to be Optimistic on America


Dear Investor,

I wrote this report for several reasons.  For one, I see a big picture of positive trends that I think can drive our economy in the years ahead and I wanted to share my optimism.  Another reason is I think many of us can be too skeptical, albeit understandable given the recent bias we have towards negative feelings after just experiencing The Great Recession and a market crash in 2008.  But is our skeptical bias blinding us to the bigger picture?

I researched and wrote this with many investors in mind.  The investors who maybe took money out of the market and have not felt confident enough to get back in and missed out on recent gains.  Or maybe swore off stocks all together.  Or maybe are still invested but are feeling uneasy of the future.  Many of us may just simply wonder what drives the stock market and what forces are at work to expect the long term upward trend to remain in place.

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